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Listserv/Community Agreement and Privacy Guidelines

NAELA Online Community User Agreement 

We all want the NAELA Community to be a safe and comfortable environment through which members and staff can connect, and be a useful and productive tool for working and learning together. All users shall be responsible for conducting their activities in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. To ensure this, each participant will accept and adhere to the following conditions. I understand that violating these conditions can result in temporary or permanent suspension from access to NAELA Listservs. Use of NAELA Listservs indicates acceptance of this User Agreement.

  1. I will behave responsibly and respectfully towards all members of this Community, respecting their values and viewpoints as well as their rights and feelings. Inappropriate Listserv postings would include, for example, comments or materials that make false or defamatory statements about others; are obscene, vulgar, abusive, hateful or threatening; or harass or discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or other factors including political affiliation.
  2. I will work with other community members to ensure that it remains welcoming to new participants and ideas, and embraces diversity.
  3. I will work with my fellow members to deliberate and make equitable decisions. I will do my best to see that every decision-making process includes reasonable representation of those who are directly affected by its outcome.
  4. Acknowledging that differences of opinion and conflict will undoubtedly occur, I agree to resolve conflict constructively.
  5. I agree that all postings shall be of an informational nature and for informational purposes only. While I may offer my legal services to another member in response to a specific posting, as well as request and respond to requests for referrals, I will not use the Listserv as a means of soliciting business generally or otherwise as a vehicle for marketing commercial products or services.
  6. I will not post notices of non-NAELA educational events or programs without the express prior permission of NAELA.
  7. I understand all NAELA Listservs are subject to periodic audit and monitoring by NAELA staff members.
  8. I will not publish, display, re-post, or disclose in any other forum or setting any posting (other than my own) that appears on a NAELA Listserv without permission of the author of the same. Nevertheless, I understand that Listserv postings are not generally considered to be legally privileged, confidential, or, in the event of litigation, protected from discovery. Therefore, participants should not post any message they would be embarrassed or concerned to see displayed or disclosed publicly.
  9. I will not post materials in a manner that infringes any copyright, trademark, or other property rights of third parties, nor will I defame any person, entity, product, or service. I will also avoid comments or conduct that may encourage anti-competitive or collusive behavior in violation of antitrust or unfair competition laws, such as disclosing or discussing specific rates or fees for legal services. I acknowledge that conduct contrary to these prohibitions can result in personal liability to me.
  10. I agree that comments and other postings by me may be utilized by NAELA in other applications, including by being reproduced in NAELA publications and other media.
  11. Constructive feedback regarding NAELA can be submitted to naela@naela.org. Feedback regarding the Listservs, its use, or application can be submitted to naela@naela.org.
  12. I acknowledge that NAELA is providing the Listserv as a service to NAELA members, and I hereby release NAELA, its directors, employees, and agents from any claims, liability, damages, and costs suffered or incurred by me arising out of my conduct, or the participation or conduct of anyone else, related to the Listserv, as well as any claims, liability, damages, and costs associated with any termination of my access.
  13. I acknowledge that if I violate this agreement, my rights to participate in this community can be suspended or terminated.

Online Community Violation Policy

While NAELA reserves the right to terminate access at any time for one or more violations of the Online Community User Agreement, NAELA normally will engage in the following approach.

  1. The first violation will result in a warning and removal of the post.
  2. The second violation will result in removal of the post and suspension of the member from NAELA’s Online Community for 30 days.
  3. The third violation will result in removal of the post and termination of the member’s access to NAELA’s Online Community.

If a member’s access is terminated, that member may reapply for access after one year, pending written agreement to abide by NAELA’s Online Community User Agreement. If access is granted to the member, a fourth violation will lead to permanent termination of that member’s access to NAELA’s Online Community.

All determinations of whether a violation has occurred shall be made exclusively by NAELA in its sole judgment.

Online Community Disclaimer

The NAELA Listserv is provided as a service to members. The Listserv is not moderated, and any views expressed are solely those of the posting member. NAELA accepts no responsibility, and disclaims all warranties with regard to, information posted on this site, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for use.  In no event will NAELA be liable for any direct, indirect special, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with, information posted on this site.

Without limiting the foregoing, NAELA does not endorse, and is not responsible for, any non-NAELA services, events, conferences, products, or other offerings recommended, promoted, or identified on the Listserv.