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  • Lousie, Thank you so much for your response. We will share with members of the association for information only. Patricia Garner Cowan, CIR-A/D,ADAC Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman 704-688-6503| 800-508-5777 ... More

  • Thank you, Louise. We're working on getting additional information and will reach back out when we have it. Kim Johnson Senior LongTerm Care Ombudsman PTRC Area Agency on Aging ... More

  • Does she have a copy of the trust? Just because the brother is the Trustee does not mean she no longer has occupancy rights to the home. It may just mean that he has a fiduciary obligation to manage the trust for her benefit. We can't really say what ... More

  • One of our Ombudsman staff is working with a resident. She wants to go home (resident is alert, oriented and able to make her own decisions). She claims to own the home. Her brother is Financial POA. Brother is not allowing her to return to he home. ... More

  • Great to have had the opportunity to meet some of you in person this past weekend. I thought this webinar was relevant to the work you do. Happy Monday! Kim Johnson ... More